Eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff

The day before his eleventh birthday Sam discovers a newspaper clipping with his picture one it, and the words MISSING CHILD. Sam has never heard anyhting about this before, so he isn’t sure what to think. But his curiosity is too great, so he starts to look for more information. The only problem is, he isn’t very good at reading, in fact he struggles to read just about anything. To help him find more information he makes anew friend, but it is a friend that won’t be around for very long, so there time is limited.

I thought this book was great, there was just enough mystery and intrigue to kepp the story moving. Sam’s inability to read added to the mysterious nature of the story. There were a lot of clues given in dream sequences and stories told by Sam’s makeshift family. It provided just enough information to get you truning the pages faster and faster as the story moves along. I listened to the audiobook for the majority of the story. I thought the narrator did a great job capturing the mood of the story, especially how stale life might feel if you weren’t able to read.

As a post reading activity I have created this book trailer:

NEWSFLASH: Listen Up Middle Schoolers

I’m going to start using this blog as a plase to store digital objects I create as a post-reading activity. I invite you to use it the same way, read a book and create some sort of digital object to share about what you’ve read. The first one I’ll be posting is a book trailer I’ve made, much like a movie trailer, just for a book instead.

I hate to do this, but I’m going to have to ask you to not post just random thoughts here. I do encourage you to start your own blog and share the address with me so I can keep tabs on you and make comments accordingly, if you’d like to continue posting your thoughts about various things. I’d even add it to the blogroll.

I’ll be changing the categories and what not as well. Again, I encourage to take this journey with me, as I plan on pointing students here to help them find good books, now and in the future. Your input on the books you’re reading would be quite welcome. You’re comments will also be welcome!

School is dangerous

Well we have been in middle school for nearly nine weeks and most have survived.I have met many new people.Though the teachers are more strict and assign so much HOMEWORK not used to homework never had much. I miss all of my  old teachers especially Mr. Kimmi.I have been out of school for nearly a week because I broke my elbow and wrist!!! At two different times but within the same day my wrist in gym when a kid fell into me  and my elbow going to bed at night nearly thirteen hours apart boy have I been sore. Well see ya on Monday.

New Year, New School………….

I am afraid to go to South Middle…… I know I will be fine after a while, but I am still scared……. I went to enrollment today and thought how different everything felt…….  I will miss Schilling and all the memories that are in it.  I looked at everything and I didn’t know 1/2 the people I saw……..Where at Schilling, I remembered almost all faces.  I have to get up at 6:00 if I wanna get dressed, eat, and catch the bus in time……  At Schilling,  I can get up at 7:30  and still get to school on time.  SO MANY CHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not including lockers, 8 classes a day, no recess, harder work,  more homework. But there are good things too. Like more choices at lunch. We get a LOT of space to put our stuff.  There are football games,Wrestling, Cheer leading, Baseball, and many more sports.  I can’t wait. But at the same time, I don’t wanna go! ☺ !!!!!!!GO COUGARS!!!!! ☺ 😀   🙂

No Sleep

wow did not get to sleep last night till four in the morning because my dog started barking at me like I was a stranger so I put her on my bed and then she kicked me all night in her sleep.Maybe one day i will actually get the recommended amount of sleep this summer but like that will ever happen.

bored can’t sleep

WOW.So tired can’t sleep.nothing to do. One in the morning. who knew guess sleeping ’till’ ten every morning since school got out was a very bad idea. Help me.I really need sleep now seriously. And with going to bed at eleven every night doesn’t help the fact. Too much sleep. Now can’t sleep.Like eleven hours of sleep every day never though I would say this but I need to start waking up at it least eight especially when I have chores to do when I want friends over. I hate chores.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I wish.SO NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.      Bye see ya later.