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Eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff

The day before his eleventh birthday Sam discovers a newspaper clipping with his picture one it, and the words MISSING CHILD. Sam has never heard anyhting about this before, so he isn’t sure what to think. But his curiosity is too great, so he starts to look for more information. The only problem is, he isn’t very good at reading, in fact he struggles to read just about anything. To help him find more information he makes anew friend, but it is a friend that won’t be around for very long, so there time is limited.

I thought this book was great, there was just enough mystery and intrigue to kepp the story moving. Sam’s inability to read added to the mysterious nature of the story. There were a lot of clues given in dream sequences and stories told by Sam’s makeshift family. It provided just enough information to get you truning the pages faster and faster as the story moves along. I listened to the audiobook for the majority of the story. I thought the narrator did a great job capturing the mood of the story, especially how stale life might feel if you weren’t able to read.

As a post reading activity I have created this book trailer:

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