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New Year, New School………….

I am afraid to go to South Middle…… I know I will be fine after a while, but I am still scared……. I went to enrollment today and thought how different everything felt…….  I will miss Schilling and all the memories that are in it.  I looked at everything and I didn’t know 1/2 the people I saw……..Where at Schilling, I remembered almost all faces.  I have to get up at 6:00 if I wanna get dressed, eat, and catch the bus in time……  At Schilling,  I can get up at 7:30  and still get to school on time.  SO MANY CHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not including lockers, 8 classes a day, no recess, harder work,  more homework. But there are good things too. Like more choices at lunch. We get a LOT of space to put our stuff.  There are football games,Wrestling, Cheer leading, Baseball, and many more sports.  I can’t wait. But at the same time, I don’t wanna go! ☺ !!!!!!!GO COUGARS!!!!! ☺ :D   :)

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  1.   chrissy5k Says:

    Hey jody I so agree reading that made my stomach go crazy I am so afraid of so many things it’s gonna be so different I need you to promise me that we won’t get big headed and won’t lose contact as friends of sisters I know I sound crazy but I know friends who aren’t friends anymore because of middle school but I guess that your not like other people well gotta go

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