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bored can’t sleep

WOW.So tired can’t sleep.nothing to do. One in the morning. who knew guess sleeping ’till’ ten every morning since school got out was a very bad idea. Help me.I really need sleep now seriously. And with going to bed at eleven every night doesn’t help the fact. Too much sleep. Now can’t sleep.Like eleven hours of sleep every day never though I would say this but I need to start waking up at it least eight especially when I have chores to do when I want friends over. I hate chores.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I wish.SO NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.      Bye see ya later.

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  1.   Eric Says:

    Chrissy, sorry I haven’t talked to you in such a long time I’ve been on vacation to a place called Victoria, BC, Canada. That’s good that you at least MIND lady Gaga Cause I know people who HATE her.

  2.   Eric Says:

    Who is your favourite song artist?

    •   chrissy5k Says:

      Eric. My favourite artist would have to be Taylor Swift.
      Though I might possibly have a ticket to a Merle Haggard concert depends. If the project I did is good enough and I won’t find out if I got the ticket until Friday it has been driving me crazy. Well gotta go talk to me soon as you get this.

  3.   jodya5k Says:

    I know same here, accept I can’t get online when I can’t sleep. I can either, read, sit in the dark, or watch tv untill I fall asleep.

  4.   Eric Says:

    Dear Chrissy,
    I haven’t really seen my friends this summer except I went with my friend Solana ( http://solanah4.edublogs.org/ ) to the movies that’s about it. I just got back from the P.N.E. also known as playland it is a really fun place with lots of rides. I’m getting a dog but I have no idea when. Guess what? Where I live it’s raining! It’s been raining for two days straight! I guess that’s good for the plants and all. Okay, bye for now.

    •   chrissy5k Says:

      Hey Eric question do you have facebook if so write back even if you don’t still write back please your friend -Chrissy

  5.   Eric Says:

    Dear Chrissy,
    Let me tell you about where I live, because it is so lovely here.
    I live on an island; Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia in the country of Canada. I live in a “harbour city”, you could say. It is a small town, no more than 12,000 people living here. It is well-known for the Marina, the name of our Harbour where lots of people park their ship or go four a walk. There is tons of deer in this small town. Infact, there is probably more deer than people in this town! You see them everywhere! But the city nearby, Courtenay, there is practically no deer at all.

    British Columbia is a rainforest; so it rains here all the time—but snow is rare. It can get hot here, the hottest is usually 84°F or 29°C in temperatures. However in the summer it is usually in the 60°F or 20°C temperatures.

    Tell me about Salina!

  6.   chrissy5k Says:

    Wow Eric it does not seem to get very hot there. Here in Salina it can get way up to the hundreds (glad the swimming pool was open.) Hey what did you do this summer? Sorry haven’t been on at all but middle school is crazy. And there’s a flu virus going around and I have been very ill. Oh I read about your new dog on your front page well bye for now.

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